There are literally hundreds of new businesses starting up right across Australia today and all of them are hoping for a successful outcome and that the business will still be trading 10 to 20 years from now. We wish them all the best, but statistics tell us that many of them will be closed in less than three years from now. These new businesses constantly run into financial problems because they don’t have a steady cash flow and so it makes it difficult to be able to pay salaries and to be able to take advantage of unusual business opportunities that may come their way. Any long-time business owner will tell you that the first few years are the most difficult and if you can get past those, then things generally turn out for the best.

To make sure that you don’t end up being one of the many statistics who have to close their doors and walk away from the business, you should take advantage of unsecured small business startup loans because they have been created for the very situation that you find yourself in right now. When you’re just starting off, you need to pay the rent for your property no matter if you’re not busy and your landlord expects to be paid in full and on time. The following are just some of the business situations where an unsecured loan may be required.

  1. A stock opportunity – Every business owner will tell you that once in a while an option to buy stock at ridiculously cheap price is offered by the wholesaler, but the downside is that the only way to take advantage of it is to pay in cash. If you have access to an unsecured business loan, then you can get the money easily and quickly and this allows you to take advantage of the situation. There is an opportunity here for big profits and so this is why every business needs access to funds when they need them the most.
  2. Expansion plans – If your cash situation is a little bit of down at the moment and different customers pay you at different times of the month, then you can’t put your expansion plans on hold and so it makes sense to take advantage of an unsecured business loan. Any business owner will tell you that you need to spend money to make money and so if your business is to grow and to become more successful, then you’re going to need to borrow.

Knowing that none of your assets like your home or your car are in jeopardy in the unlikely event that you cannot pay back your small business loan, takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders.

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