In Powell, Tennessee, dental crowns are a popular and efficient dental treatment that can be used to treat a variety of dental problems. Although receiving a dental crown may make you anxious about pain and suffering, you can feel less anxious if you know what to expect during the procedure and what to do afterward. This post will discuss whether getting a dental crown hurts, how to deal with discomfort, and what to anticipate from Powell, TN dental services during the healing process.

Is it painful to receive a dental crown?

The actual process of placing a dental crown is usually not uncomfortable. Powell, TN dentists put their patients’ comfort first and numb the region with a local anesthetic before beginning any dental work. This guarantees that during the tooth preparation and crown insertion, patients feel little to no discomfort.

Local Anesthesia: Easing the Discomfort

The dentist will numb the surrounding area with local anesthesia before starting the procedure of prepping the tooth for a dental crown. This standard approach makes sure the patient is at ease and not in agony throughout the process. Usually lasting a few hours, the numbing effect enables the dentist to perform the required procedures painlessly.


The Dental Crown Procedure:

  1. Tooth Preparation:

   The first step involves preparing the tooth that will receive the crown. The dentist trims and shapes the tooth to create space for the crown while ensuring a secure fit.

  1. Impressions:

   Impressions of the prepared tooth are taken to create a custom-fit crown. These impressions guide the dental laboratory in crafting a crown that matches the natural teeth in size, shape, and color.

  1. Temporary Crown Placement:

   While waiting for the permanent crown to be fabricated, a temporary crown is placed on the prepared tooth. The temporary crown protects the tooth and maintains its function until the permanent crown is ready.

  1. Permanent Crown Placement:

Dental cement is used to bind the permanent crown to the tooth when it is ready. The dentist checks for correct alignment, bite, and fit and makes any required corrections.

Thanks to local anesthetic, receiving a dental crown in Powell, Tennessee is a routine and usually painless process. During the healing process, some people may suffer slight discomfort or sensitivity; however, these side effects are treatable with the right care and attention. A seamless and comfortable recovery will enable you to take advantage of a reinforced and restored tooth. 

Comprehending the dental crown procedure and following your dentist’s post-operative instructions will help. For individualized advice and care, don’t be afraid to contact your Powell, TN, dentist of choice if you have any questions or concerns.

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