Duck confit is one of the favorite dishes of many people. You can try a variety of dishes with it at your kitchen from serving over salad to making a pie. It not only goes well with all kinds but also tastes delicious too.

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About confit

The word confit means preserved in French language. It is the method of cooking and storing food in fat. In this process tendered duck legs will be stored within duck fat at cool place. It lasts all over winter. You can prepare duck confit at home, but little taking process. You can even buy it from the stores.

Duck confit is also known as confit of goose or duck confit. The process of preserving food is very famous in olden days, when there was no refrigerator. In cities of France, especially in Southwest region you will find a lot of jars wit confit of many kinds in cellars, even in these days.

Cooking with duck confit

Duck confit is rich in flavor and so tender that gives a great taste to vegetables, bread, salads, potatoes and others. The tradition way of enjoying confit is warming it until skin side becomes crispy under a broiler or in pan with fat of duck. In this article, you can about few easy recipes with duck confit that you can make in your home.

Pasta and duck confit

Add shredded confit over your loved pasta or toss confit with pasta. Fry a duck egg and add it on the top with gooey yolk to make it more delicious.

Pie and duck confit

Make use of duck confit instead of beef or chicken in shepherd or pot pie. Nothing gives a mouth-watering taste to a pie other than a duck confit.

Sandwich and duck confit

Duck confit is the main attraction of several kinds of sandwiches. Make your favorite sandwich and enjoy it with BBQ sauce.

Nachos and duck confit

A birthday party or weekend treats, layer nachos with duck meat in place of beef for a great taste.

Cabbage and duck confit

Place confit, shredded cabbage, chicken broth and white wine in pot and bake for an hour for a spicy meal.

In addition to these, you can also other dishes like chilies and duck confit, gravy and biscuits and duck confit, beans and duck confit and more.

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