Whether you are looking for a filler for dark circles under the eyes or one to remove the wrinkles at the corner of your mouth, you can use many different dermal fillers. It is worth educating yourself about the different options if you are considering using dermal fillers to help you select the best one for its intended purpose. Below are some of the most common dermal fillers used by professionals worldwide to help transform the way you look and feel about yourself and control the signs of ageing.

Hyaluronic Acid

When you look at the cosmetics market, many products contain hyaluronic acid, which has many benefits for the skin. It can help smooth the surface of the skin, reduce injury lines or scars, and help smooth out small lines and wrinkles. It is common to see its use in many facial treatments, including dermal fillers that you inject into the skin. It is a 100% naturally occurring substance that is already existing in your body and is often found in large qualities in connective tissues and the fluids surrounding your eyes.

Polylactic Acid

Another dermal filler that you can consider using is polylactic acid, which you inject under the skin of your face, and it promotes your body to produce more collagen. It is a non-toxic substance that is also biodegradable and commonly used in the cosmetic surgery industry, and it is known as a stimulator treatment. Unlike other dermal fillers, you will not get immediate results as you must wait for it to stimulate collagen production before you see its true benefits. You will also need to get treated every three months to achieve and maintain the desired results.


You find that many cosmetic surgeons will use polyalkylimide as a semi-permanent dermal filler to treat deep wrinkles and plump-up lips that do not require continual treatments. It is a biocompatible substance that does not produce allergic reactions, and a thin layer of collagen will form over the dermal filler once it is injected into the face. It is suitable for use with many types of wrinkles on the face, and with this type of treatment, the surgeon can also remove the polyalkylimide gel if needed.

These are a few options of dermal fillers you can consider using, depending on the depth and frequency of the lines on your face. Visit a consultant and see what they recommend for your face, and they can transform the way you look and give you more confidence, changing how you feel about yourself.

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