All-terrain vehicles [ATV] and Utility Terrain Vehicles [UTV] are off-road toys used for fun and to get around. The former is commonly used for racing, trail riding, or practical transportation. The latter is popular in farming and schools to haul supplies, feed, hay, and sports equipment.

If you are planning to buy off-road toys then check on You can even visit their showroom in Quebec to look at the moto, VTT et cote à cote [motorcycles and ATV on side by side display]. Off-road vehicles are designed for riding on unpaved trails, so a lot of risks are involved. However, the vehicles come equipped with necessary safety features like safety fags, seatbelts, brake wear indicators, etc.

You are planning to buy an off-road vehicle, so here are some safety tips you need to remember while riding in the rough country. Off-road toys are fun and practical but can rapidly become dangerous, so play by the safety rules.

Wear the right safety gear

The basic safety gear includes a long sleeve shirt, long pants, ankle toe-closed boots, and helmet. There are other protective gears you can consider like the chest protector, knee guards, etc.

  • Toolkit – Basic items to carry in the toolkit are duct tape, Swiss army knife, tire pressure gauge, trail map, multi-functional screwdriver, air pump, vise-grip plier, tire plugs, and wrench.
  • Helmets – The helmet must never be chosen randomly. Wear it to find out if it fits properly and is comfortable or not. The helmet needs to be certified and approved.
  • Goggles – Eye protection is crucial to avoid dust, wind, rocks, branches, dirt, and any flying object that you confront on the trail.
  • First-aid – Include some Band-Aids, gauze, antibiotic ointment, Dettol, etc. Be prepared has to be the motto!

Ride in a group

If you are riding an ATV then having a passenger can be sticky but have some friends ride alongside or one other vehicle in case you get stuck or run out of fuel or crash. Always let your family know about your whereabouts!

Stay off public and paved roads

ATVs and UTVs are designed for off-road riding. Riding on a public or paved road is risky because other vehicles can hit you with ease. Never stray away from designated trails because there can possibly be risks, you are not aware of. Follow the trail etiquettes and say No to public roads!

  • Slow down at the corners & near campgrounds
  • Stay on the trail’s right side
  • Ride on the market trails only
  • Ensure to have proper stickers, flags, and paperwork

Safety compliance ensures that you and others using the same trail is safe!

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