When you have a farm and keep livestock, you will need to ensure that they are well taken care of, which includes having quality food for them. You will need to provide them with silage, fermented food that includes maize, grass, and cereals and has everything the cud-chewing animals need to be healthy. You will need to find a quality silage film manufacturer to supply you with a quality product that can help ensure you always have plenty of excellent feed for your herds. Below is some advice to help you source the best quality silage film and ensure your animals are well looked after.

The Benefits Of Baled Silage

When your farm has smaller fields or ones that are not equipped for piles, you will want to consider wrapping your silage. It is a flexible and convenient option for you that is perfect when you have ground that is hard to access with silage-making equipment. You can bale the silage and wrap it in silage film, which will keep it ready for when it is needed and ensure your animals always have plenty of food available.

Why You Need Silage Wrap

Using silage wrap can help make it much easier when you need to transport it to various parts of your farm. It also helps to preserve the feed and keep it free from oxygen which can reduce the lactic bacteria in the silage, making it much easier for your animals to digest the food without any problems. You will also find that when you wrap your silage, you can save up to a third of it, meaning there is less waste and plenty of food for your herds to eat.

Finding Quality Silage Wrap

You will need to ensure that you shop around for a high-quality silage wrap that will last, as getting a cheaper and lower quality product can cost you significantly more in the long run. It needs to be able to last a full season, or you will have to spend more money on silage wrap, and it needs to be able to create an airtight seal to preserve it for your animals. You will also want it to reflect the sun so that the bales do not get too hot during the summer, which can spoil them and make them lose the nutrients your animals need. Ensure you shop around and look at all options avoiding the cheaper low-quality ones, and you can keep your herd happy all year round.

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