Covid-19 has had a significant impact on everyone’s lives, and as things start to open up again and businesses go back to normal, we need to ensure we do everything we can to stop it from spreading. As an employer, you must help protect your workers from Covid-19, and there are various things that you can do to help with this task. Below are some things that will help reduce the chances of Covid-19 spreading in your workplace, so you can help keep yourself and your workers safe.

Keeping Your Air Filtration System Clean

When your business uses an air filtration system or air conditioning, you must keep these clean and regularly maintain them. The filters in these systems can harbour many germs, so you will need to ensure that you replace the ULPA filter or the HEPA filter as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Create a routine of cleaning your air filtration systems, and it can help prevent an outbreak of Covid-19 and other illnesses. However, there are other things you will need to do to protect your workforce from Covid-19 and help keep everyone in excellent health.

Provide Your Workers With Gloves & Masks

You will also want to ensure that you provide your workers with masks and gloves to help prevent the transmission of Covid-19 and other illnesses. However, the standard surgical masks that many people wear and not good at protecting you from Covid-19, and ideally, you will provide masks with particle filters that can help prevent its transmission. There is also a wide selection of gloves you can consider using in your workplace, and you will want to choose powder-free latex gloves. You will need to get multiple sizes so all your workers can have gloves that fit, but your employees will also need somewhere to wash their hands.

Provide Clean Stations For Your Employees

You will also want to provide places where your employees can clean their hands thoroughly and use alcohol-based cleaning products to ensure it kills all germs, including Covid-19. However, using these alcohol-based cleaning products can be rough on your hands, so you will also need to provide a suitable moisturiser to help prevent your worker’s hands from drying out too much. Cleaning your hands too often, especially using alcohol-based cleaners and not drying your hands properly, can cause cracked and broken skin, which can get sore.

Following the advice above can help you prevent an outbreak of Covid-19 in your workplace, and you can also click here to get more advice on this subject.

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