If you need a stairlift for your home, you may be concerned about how you’ll pay for it. While a stairlift might not cost as much as you think, it’s still a big investment, so how can you cut the cost?

Consider a rental

A rental can be an excellent way to try out a stairlift before you buy and is ideal if you need a stairlift on a temporary basis. You can get a stairlift rental in Coventry that’s just as strong and safe as a permanent stairlift, and there are a number of models to choose from. If you’re concerned about splashing out on an expensive stairlift, consider renting first.

Look for refurbished models

Some stairlift providers sell refurbished models, and this can be a good way to save money. This has a number of advantages and a few drawbacks:

  • You can save a lot of money
  • You may only have a limited selection to choose from
  • Refurbished models are carefully checked, so should still be reliable
  • Refurbished models can be older models, so might not have all the bells and whistles

It’s worth weighing up the pros and cons of a refurbished model and seeing if it’s right for you.

Many people who need a stairlift are in a situation where they are on a tight budget, so it pays to look at options to save money. From renting to opting for refurbished, there are plenty of options aside from buying a brand new stairlift, all of which can save you cash.

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