Many animals never visit a vet in their lifetime; it really depends on what species you have. But dogs and cats should see a vet occasionally, especially at certain stages of their lives, and when they start showing signs of age. Here is a look at some occasions when you should take your furry friend to the doctor.

  • Young Pups and Kittens: A vet needs to see your kitten or puppy as soon as they are weaned, which is usually when you get them. You can find vets in Leek through an internet search. A veterinarian will give them a check-up to make sure everything is okay and then set them up for a vaccination schedule, which will continue until they are in the adult phase.
  • Adult Phase: at this stage, most pets do not need to see the doctor regularly, but you can come in for an annual check-up to make sure everything is okay or if you have some concerns that the doctor can help you with. If anything irregular occurs, you should not hesitate to bring your pet in to ensure it isn’t serious.
  • Senior Animals: After they are about eight years old, some animals will slow down and show signs of aging. Annual check-ups are probably more important at this time, and your vet might suggest a schedule of visits.

Dogs and Cats are resilient and will not show signs of sickness as quickly as we do. You need to be aware of changes in behaviour to make sure they are not in some pain or developing a condition. Catching problems early makes them easier to solve.

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