When your company makes cosmetics, and you are launching a new product, if you do not make the extruded plastic tubes yourself, you will need to find a suitable company to do it for you. You will want to spend a lot of time designing packaging for a new product and doing so can help make it more popular with customers. Below are some tips to help you through the design process and find a suitable company to make your packaging for your product.

Make Your Packaging Appealing To Customers

You will want to make the packaging for your products as appealing as possible for customers, which can help increase its sales. You should create some concepts of packaging and then present these to focus groups and see which one is preferred. You will also want to boost your eco credentials and use recycled plastics for the packaging if possible. Doing this can help with your marketing and is another selling point for your product. Once you have the design finalised, you can then look for a suitable company to make the packaging for you.

Searching For A Suitable Packaging Manufacturer

You can start your search for a suitable packaging manufacturer now you know your packaging design. You may already have contacts of businesses that may do the job for you, and you will also want to search for new companies, which can help increase the quality and reduce the cost of the packaging for your product. Search online for extruded plastic suppliers and list all the companies you find. You can then start going through the list and seeing which companies you can get rid of due to bad reputations and which ones you can contact.

Asking For Quotes

With the companies that remain on your list, you can start contacting them and giving them details of what you need to make. You will need to send them the design and the production numbers you want, and they can provide you with a unit cost and the tooling cost. If you’re going to have a sample made, you will need to pay for the tooling cost, which is worth doing as it will show you how the product will look when completed. Once you have all the costs back from the companies you speak with and the samples you have paid for, you can decide which one will be best for your business. With a bit of luck, your packaging will look superb and help your new product be a resounding success.

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