Sometimes, when building a home people wish that they had a little more floor space. As the design process progresses and they start to consider the future, the reality of perhaps needing additional rooms for children, or somewhere more private for a home office start to become part of their requirements. For some people, just having a little additional space to house kitchen appliances and everyday living features that they hadn’t considered initially starts to warrant more space.

Speak with a number of builders

Different builders will work in a unique way, they probably won’t be using the same design and planning team as such it would be a wise idea to speak with at least 3 different building firms. One builder may have some really neat ideas on how you could position your design slightly differently in order to give yourself more space, the great thing about construction is that it’s not a ‘one size fits all process’ so you really should make the most of it.

Consider building up

One of the oldest tricks in the book and one that can grant you loads of additional space, is to build up. As long as your budget will allow for it, you could consider going from a 2-storey house plan to a 3 storey house plan (known as แบบแปลน บ้าน 3 ชั้น in Thai), which could increase the size of your property by up to 50%. If you decide that having additional rooms is really important to you then this is without one of the best solutions to discuss with potential builders.

Toy with the idea of less garden space

If you plot of land allows for garden space, then you could toy with the idea of reducing that space by building on it instead. There are numerous benefits to be had, of course you would gain extra floor space as well as reducing the amount of outdoor space that will require maintenance. In the long run, your property could be worth more, and cost less to maintain the upkeep of in the future.

Consider all options

Be sure to take your time with your decisions, jumping at the first chance of gaining some floor space might not be the best move for you, or your property. Ultimately, you’ll want to toss up the pros and cons as well as the potential financial gain offered by each idea separately, you may even wish to involve an independent property specialist who can help you to make the right choice.

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