Have you ever watched a video of a person motorbiking through trails, dunes, and off jumps? Motocross and dirt biking are thrilling hobbies. If you are new to riding, you may question what type of bike is best for beginners. However, the best motorbike for new riders is dependent on the environment.

Do you want to ride on a trail or on a track? Trail riding is less predictable. The riding conditions constantly change as the path wears and tears. If you choose to ride on a motocross track, people maintain the paths and you can clearly see any barriers or obstacles.

Understanding Cubic Capacity

Motorbikes and off-roading bikes come in different “cc”s. CC stands for cubic capacity. The cubic capacity of a motorbike is the power output the engine provides. The larger the fuel and air mixture that can be compressed to produce intense power, the higher capacity the engine.

For example, a 250cc motorbike has much more power than a 50cc bike. For children, it is best to start with lower-capacity engines. Every motorbike can be dangerous, but lower-capacity engines allow for the new rider to have more control.

Choose Rieju

Rieju motorbike dealers in Sydney have a wide range of motocross and off-roading motorbikes. They are one of the best-known brands to Australians. Whether you are new to the sport or looking for an upgrade, you will find that Rieju motorbikes are reasonably priced and are durable.

You can find motorbikes for any adventure. Here are four types of Rieju bikes:

  1. Off-road
  2. Supermoto
  3. Motorcycles: 50cc, 125cc, and 200cc
  4. 50cc scooters

If you are new to riding, a 50 or 100cc motorbike is much easier to handle than a 200cc motorbike.

Talk with a Professional

Before you purchase a new motorbike, you should speak with a consultant to find the perfect model. For example, if you are planning on riding off-road and through windy trails, you will want to find a bike with knobby-tires. These tires will grip the ground much better than on-road tires.

You will also find that motorbikes are built with smaller gas tanks. While you may be worried you will quickly run out of gas, it is important to remember that off-roading bikes are not built for long distance but rather joy-riding and racing. A professional can help find you the perfect Rieju motorbike based on your experience and needs.

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