Everyone knows hose clamps are excellent tools to use when you need to secure a hose or tube in place. But did you know that hose clamps can be used for more than just hoses? Here are seven unconventional uses for these clamps that you may not have known about.

  1. Secure Electrical Wires

If you have ever tried to bundle electrical wires together, you know how hard it can be to keep them from unravelling. A simple solution is to use a small-sized hose clamp around the bundle of wires. This will make sure everything stays where it should and avoid any unnecessary tangles and snags.

  1. Repair Furniture

If your furniture has ever broken apart, then there’s a good chance that a hose clamp can help hold it together until a proper repair job is done. Just attach the two pieces together with the clamp and they will stay put while more permanent action is taken.

  1. Create Garden Art

Have an old garden trellis that needs some sprucing up? Use colorful hose clamps to create fun patterns or images on the surface! They’re easy to attach, inexpensive, and look great when used in creative ways such as this.

  1. Hang Lights

Need an efficient way to hang lights outside without too much trouble? Look no further than hose clamps! Just attach one end of the light string to a wall or fence post with a clamp and let the rest dangle freely in the desired direction. It’s quick, easy, and looks great!

  1. Fix Broken Tools

Don’t throw away those broken tools just yet, a few strategically placed hose clamps might be able to fix them up in no time! If it isn’t something too major (like an engine), then it might be worth giving this trick a try before buying something new altogether.

  1. Securing Cables

Got some cables laying around that need securing? This method works especially well if you need cables tucked away out of sight but don’t want them getting tangled up along the way, just clamp them down securely and they won’t budge until you need them again!

  1. Make Outdoor Furniture Covers

If you have outdoor furniture that needs covering during bad weather but don’t want to shell out money for expensive covers, then why not use some large-sized hose clamps instead? Depending on what type of furniture you have, these can work wonders in keeping everything covered up tight even during heavy winds or rains!

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