One of the more interesting things to come out of the new millennium is the phenomenon of married couples where one partner is an unmarried partner. This has become a much more common phenomenon than people give it credit for and many people do not understand the dynamics involved. For instance, does the fact that a married couple is living together actually change anything in the dynamics of their relationship? Some would say that yes, it does and there are even some who would say that a person should be judged on their current marital status and nothing else.

It is important to understand what marital status means under the law. In short, it is defined as being a married person who has been domiciled in both the United States and Canada. In most states a married couple will be treated as one unit with joint taxation and credit card accounts like other married couples. However, the definition of marital status can vary greatly from one state to another and even from one country to another. That is why it is important to check with your accountant and your tax preparer when it comes to the definition of marital status for your state or country.

Of course, many people believe that married couples that cohabit do not have to report any type of income or assets on their taxes because they live together for part of the year. However, this is not true. Those who live together but also have a life apart do have to report anything like joint bank accounts and credit cards. This can be stressful on both parties of a couple, which could manifest as adrenal fatigue symptoms over time. The truth is that both partners need to report anything like these to the appropriate authorities such as the IRS so that they can be properly looked at when it comes time to calculate their taxes.

When it comes to raising children from young adults, many believe that married couples have an advantage over single parents because they have more time to raise the child. This is absolutely true and yet, there is nothing stopping one of the married partners from leaving the relationship and starting a new one immediately. Many people say cohabitating couples are less likely to have children out of wedlock. This is simply untrue; statistics prove that children are better raised in two parent homes than in other arrangements.

No matter how you look at married couples, there are always going to be some points of contention. Arguments will certainly occur and these cannot be avoided. If one spouse is having problems with another, it is important to address the issue head on. It is not good to ignore an issue which concerns your significant other. You may find yourselves falling into a rut and eventually start to drift further apart. By ignoring an issue affecting your marriage, you are asking for trouble down the road.

The reality is that the laws governing married couples vary greatly throughout the U.S. As a result, it is important that both parties properly enter into legal agreements before finalizing their divorce proceedings. These legal agreements will help protect your interests and will ensure that you receive fair compensation in the divorce. It should also be remembered that each spouse will likely favor allowing unmarried couples to get divorced, according to their own personal preferences.

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