aIf you are in Texas, especially in Dallas, you need to explore adult entertainment at its best. There are some incredible gentlemen’s clubs in the state, and while some are definitely more fun than others, the overall experience can be outstanding. For someone who has never been to a strip club in Texas, it is easy to make assumptions, but here’s more on what you must know before stepping in.

Getting in

Depending on the place, most gentlemen’s clubs start welcoming guests by late afternoon. Note that by Texas state law, all clubs here are topless, not full-nude. You can come in early and get a table close to the stage. Some clubs allow BYOB, or Bring Your Own Booze, while others have the license to serve liquor. You are expected to order at least a couple of drinks or more every hour, because that’s how gentlemen’s clubs make money.

The strippers

Contrary to what many people believe, strippers are not being forced to work. In fact, many love their jobs and like to please customers. It is a demanding job, of course, but gentlemen’s clubs in Texas treat their entertainers with respect and ensure privacy, at least in most places. Do NOT try to take photos, even when there is no ground rule mentioned. Also, some clubs do have a no-contact policy, so you may want to ask in advance.

The lap dance experience

This is the foremost reason why some people go to a gentlemen’s club in the first place. A lap dance is a fun personal experience, and you should definitely try once. You can choose a song of your choice, provided the club allows, and duration of the song is usually the length of the dance. This may vary, but the price of lap dances is decided by clubs, and you are allowed to tip the stripper, if you enjoyed the experience. By the way, if you don’t want a dance, just politely refuse the girl – It is completely okay.

Have fun

As long as you don’t misbehave with the strippers, or try to grope them, you will love your gentlemen’s club experience. Clubs in Texas have incredibly beautiful girls, and the strippers here are much more lenient when it comes to mingling with guests. Just don’t get drunk to the point that you end up disturbing others. You can also plan a party one of the gentlemen’s clubs!

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