The vCFO or the virtual chief financial officer offers skilled assistance regarding any financial issues of a company or an organization. The vCFO can be an entity or a single person. Large business entities take help from the chief financial officer (CFO)

​but virtual CFO service Hong Kong was created keeping the startups in mind, and we will tell you why.

If CFO already exists then why does the economy need vCFO?

The targetted clients of vCFO are the new generation startup companies. These startups companies do not possess the resources to hire services of an actual CFO.

What does a vCFO offer?

They present strategic and value-added services to the startup companies which cannot be administered by an accountant. They are the bookkeeper and is responsible for the accurate data of the account books. They also advise regarding expenditure control. In the United States of America, vCFO services are very much used by small scale to medium scale businesses with the annual sales of over 1 million dollars.

If you are a startup company, it is better to choose for virtual CFO services over an actual one. They are low-cost saving and will satisfy your requirements for the time being.

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