Refrigerator is an essential kitchen appliance and is a major investment. High-quality models could last up to 10 or 15 years, but be it any model it will start showing signs of wearing out and at some point, you’ll either have to upgrade or replace it. Currently, there are many refrigerators with advanced features.

One of the most popular models is LFD22786ST which comes with an advanced cooling system and SmartPull handle. Its strategically placed vents keep your food fresh for a long time. You can find it at Meselctros. They are the go-to destination of home appliances for Quebec residents. They feature the highest quality products in the market.

When should I change my refrigerator?

Since refrigerators are a huge investment, many of them wait before deciding that a replacement is absolutely necessary. The following warning signs will help identity when your refrigerator needs a replacement.

  • Excessive condensation: If you constantly notice water droplets on your fridge, check if there are water droplets or mildew on the rubber sealing and if so, get it fixed. In case, droplets are also present inside the fridge it is likely due to its insufficient cooling capability and you need a replacement.
  • The back of your refrigerator feels hot: Excessive heat at the back of your fridge implies that your fridge’s motor is running hot. The coils you find in the back are meant to keep the heat away. Get a professional to inspect it and consider changing the refrigerator, if problem persists.

  • Your food turns stale earlier than usual: Do you feel your food getting rotten earlier than usual? Do you find it takes time for beverages to cool up? Rather than spending more on energy bills that arise due to your fridge’s inability to maintain temperature, you could change the appliance.
  • You end up manually defrosting it often: Do you find frost accumulating often? It isn’t normal if you find your freezer to be in a frozen state often. You could try defrosting and then plugging it on. This could also mean your automatic defrosting feature is failing in which case you should replace your refrigerator.
  • Your energy bills are shooting up: Your old fridge may be costing you more in terms of energy bills and not to mention the repair. If your fridge is energy-efficient, it is best to replace it.

If you notice any of these indicators, it would be best to upgrade your refrigerator. Getting it repaired wouldn’t prove beneficial in the long run.

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