As a parent, you should know how important it is for your child to visit a dentist regularly. Many people assume that children don’t need as much oral health care as adults. Sometimes, parents think their children can see any type of dentist, not necessarily a pediatric dentist in Laurel, MD. But there are specific reasons your child should particularly visit a pediatric dentist. 

What a Pediatric Dentist Does

A pediatric dentist specializes in the dental health of kids. They completed an additional 2 years of training compared to a regular dentist. They understand the intricacies of tooth development. Thus, they know how to deal with children, particularly in terms of dental care. 

A pediatric dentist has the necessary experience and skills to offer all aspects of pediatric dental care and analysis. You need to bring your kid to this type of dentist, so they can carry out a dental examination, risk assessment, preventative care, and treatment. They will treat the oral health issues of your child and repair their dental injuries. If you need help weaning your child off the excessive use of a pacifier or thumb sucking, a pediatric dentist can give advice on their nutrition and diet. 

When it comes to preventative care, a dentist offers fluoride treatment and cleanings. If your child has cavities or gum disease, a pediatric dentist can offer in-depth care. An analysis conducted at the dentist’s office will tell you about developing conditions that range from diabetes to asthma, hay fever, congenital heart defects, and others. 

Reasons a Regular Dentist is Not the Right Expert for Your Child

While bringing your child to a regular dentist can be convenient, it’s best to depend on a pediatric dentist to treat your child’s teeth and gums. Most children have slight dental anxiety. A pediatric dentist can keep your child comfortable and happy during their visits, which makes subsequent ones less daunting from their perspective. This type of dentist has patience and a passion to help children maintain good oral health. Their waiting rooms will usually feature things that appeal to kids. 

When Pediatric Dental Care Should be Started

Ideally, you must bring your child to a dentist when they are six months old after their first tooth appears. This allows the dentist to analyze how your child’s oral health is developing. The earlier your child’s first visit happens, the better the odds of them getting great oral health.  

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