There are a number of smaller subcontractors and contractors out there in the building industry that would love to be able to take on much larger jobs but they can’t because they don’t possess the essential plant and machinery that is needed. This means that all of the large government contracts and private contracts go to their much larger counterparts and this seems to be going on from many years now. It would be wonderful if something could be introduced that will level out the playing field and now finally it has.

These smaller contractors can now hire the plant and machinery that they need for the day or longer and it means they no longer have to buy these things out right. Buying a crane in Perth is out of the reach of most smaller contractors because you’re looking at least $1 million for a crane that can do everything that is needed for erecting at all government building for example. Now that you have received the good news, here are some of the benefits of being able to hire a crane for the day or longer.

  • It is essentially free – You will have to pay for the hire of the crane for the duration of the contract that you win but this is the cost that you can easily add into your tender price when you submit it in the first place. This means that the hire of the crane is paid for by the client and so you get to read all of the profits without any of the costs.
  • It is maintenance free – Due to the fact that you don’t own it and that you are only renting it for the duration, in the unlikely event that your crane experiences mechanical difficulties, the hire firm will gladly come out and make the necessary fixes or theView Posty will supply you with a new crane.
  • It saves you a lot of money – Imagine if you decided to go to talk to your bank manager and he or she agreed to lend you the money to buy your own crane. You would be ecstatic at the beginning until you later realised that you only use this crane a few times a year and the rest of the time, it’s sitting there doing nothing.

These are only three of the excellent reasons why hiring a crane for the duration it is a lot more financial sense and hopefully it will create a lot more business opportunities for all you smaller building contractors out there.

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